Brazil is the biggest producer of soy in the world.
The farmers cut into the forest for soy and cattle.
Cleared jungle for cattle pasture. Demand for red meat continues to skyrocket.
Charred forest ready to convert to farmland.

These are some stills from my photo camera from a story I am working on about the global food and energy crisis, which actually a video piece. I took very few stills, but here they are. With HD, I can do frame grabs, which is the plan in the next few days.

In an nutshell, many are accusing Brazil of burning down the Amazon to convert it into high yield farmland to grow more food, animal feed, and crops for biodiesel and ethanol production. Begs the question about what is the environmental price we are willing to pay in order to have enough food and energy crops for the world. A complex and controversial issue.

The video is in the editing phase right now, and will post soon. Enjoy..

Note: I cropped to 16:9 aspect so I can put it in FCP. Some people like to add motion to the photos and move around it, but not me. I like it cropped how I want…