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Posted by skywriter12 on 01 Nov 2006 | Tagged as: Free Lance-Star, photo illustration

A photo-illustration for a story on a bumper crop of acorns, and the growth expected form them next year. Worked with a designer on this one to give space for the story text to go.

I filled a small fishtank about halfway with topsoil and dropped in the acorn and a oak tree leaf. Lit with a snooted top light, and a green gelled sidelight. I like using the fishtank to show cross-sections of things. I’ve heard of people using tanks for shooting in swimming pools, but I’m not ready to risk my camera for that shot yet!

Kids Jeopardy

Posted by skywriter12 on 03 Oct 2006 | Tagged as: portrait, Free Lance-Star, photo illustration

Claire Winkler, 13, was a local girl who made it on Kid Jeopardy. Did these portraits of her for a big layout about her experience on the show. Great page design went with it…