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Portobelo Dancer

Posted by skywriter12 on 28 May 2009 | Tagged as: portrait, travel


A Caribbean woman from sings and dnaces in an impromptu street party during the annual Congos festival in Portobelo, Panama.

Studio Tests - Baccino Models

Posted by skywriter12 on 01 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: portrait, personal


More studio work. I am working on my lighting every shoot. Adding more lights now, and working with a great assistant at Warehouse Studios. More to come…

Studio Tests - Natalia

Posted by skywriter12 on 10 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: portrait, personal


My friend Natalia Baccino in the studio.

Studio Tests - Olgamaria

Posted by skywriter12 on 06 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: portrait, personal


So I haven’t been in a studio for ages. I’ve decided I want to get back into it, and get a nice portfolio together of my kind of pictures. My friend Olgamaria was down to come in and let me shoot her for fun. Playing with the basic lighting and some fun photoshop stuff, working up from there in the coming weeks. More to come…

Spanish Fort

Posted by skywriter12 on 04 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: portrait, nature, personal


Fuerte San Lorenzo, the ruins of a 16th Century Spanish fort on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Montana de Oro

Posted by skywriter12 on 25 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: portrait, personal

Coastal bluffs near Morro Bay, California at twilight.


Posted by skywriter12 on 03 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: portrait, personal, travel

Webina de la selva. La orilla de Laguna de Chame, Panama.


Posted by skywriter12 on 26 May 2007 | Tagged as: portrait, VC Star

From left, Kayla Kimura, Tracey Akashi, Jeanine Shimatsu, and Erin Kimura with a reproduction of the notices posted around the state ordering people of Japanese ancestry to report to the internment camps during World War II. All four girls are of Japanese ancestry, and had relatives who were forced to live in the internment camps.

All Area Portraits

Posted by skywriter12 on 09 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: sports, portrait, Free Lance-Star

Portraits of the best high school athletes in high-school golf, cross country, volleyball, field hockey, and football this season. These shots ran huge on the front of Sports over five days with in-depth profiles of each athlete.

This portrait series was a lot of fun to do. I had the concept of showing “toughness” in these kids, so I matched it with tough looking industrial textures, and toned the images to match that feel. Having the creative freedom to shoot the thing how I wanted was fantastic. I got a lot of positive feedback from readers on this stuff….

The Deal - Portrait

Posted by skywriter12 on 24 Oct 2006 | Tagged as: portrait, Free Lance-Star

For “The Deal” section. Business owner profile.

When Donna Williams turned 51 in 2002, she found out she had cancer. After a successful surgery to beat it, she reevaluated her life. “One thing I always wanted but never had was a convertible.” Williams bought her bright red Ford Mustang Cobra from her daughter with only 10,000 miles on it. A downhill skiing enthusiast as well, she loves the speed. “I like to go fast in this thing,” said Williams “Now, I want to trade this in for a Viper.” Donna Williams is the co-owner of ServiceMaster in Fredericksburg with her husband Danny.

Frame Shop Owner

Posted by skywriter12 on 18 Oct 2006 | Tagged as: portrait, feature, Free Lance-Star

Business profile. Owner of custom frame shop in Fredericksburg.

Kids Jeopardy

Posted by skywriter12 on 03 Oct 2006 | Tagged as: portrait, Free Lance-Star, photo illustration

Claire Winkler, 13, was a local girl who made it on Kid Jeopardy. Did these portraits of her for a big layout about her experience on the show. Great page design went with it…

Week 2 Portraits

Posted by skywriter12 on 24 Sep 2006 | Tagged as: portrait, Free Lance-Star

Ernestine Smith is quietly readjusting to life after undergoing a complicated life-saving surgery for pulminary hypertension last year, and is one of the few patients who has recovered from the usually terminal condition. She now enjoys spending time outside with her pets and working on her yard, something she has not been able to do for the last year while recovering from her surgery.

Sidelines Feature- Mountain View High School Cross-Country star Max Desens.